Mi Vida Café & Burgers

 I remember the first time I walked in to Mi Vida Café & Burgers with my family. The place caught my attention real fast. It felt really homey. I already knew Raúl and Leesandra, its owners. They're family. But that day I felt I got to know them better, because the restaurant showed me a different creative side of them, I hadn't seen at that time.

Fast forward to last month, I got a call from Raúl. He wanted me to do some graphic design work for the restaurant. I was thrilled to work alongside them! So grabbed my camera, and off to Río Grande. I spent much of the day laughing, eating homemade-signature-burgers, taking pictures of many of their amazing dishes and drinking coffee. Later I developed a few posts they could use to exhibit their dishes and the way People view the place!

Here's a few, so you know what I'm talking about.

If you're ever in the Río Grande Area, be sure to pay them a visit. Tell them I sent you! You won't regret it. Here's the PIN for the GPS: https://bit.ly/2OrszHk


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