Apparel Design for Verdad y Fe

Ever since the Pandemic hit us in Puerto Rico in 2020, I've been producing content for the apologetics (Defense for Christian Faith) ministry which I direct, called Verdad y Fe. These videocasts take on questions from our followers and dive right into them to provide an answer which is sometimes a bit controversial but always striving to pursue truth and sound Biblical teachings.

A few months into the endeavour, I figured that we must produce something that our followers could obtain and thus help the ministry continue with its services. At the time I was beginning to use Spring for personal gain, and decided to open up a page to promote Verdad y Fe.

At first, the designs we thought of as "simpler" apologetics messages, but later I began to incorporate theological concepts, Bible teachings and essential Christian Doctrine. With time, the media has been enriched with emphasis on design and illustration. I've had a blast, and I think it shows. Here's a few examples from the store. You might want to visit for the complete collection. And while you're there, why not help out our ministry by purchasing an item or two? Thanks and God bless.

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