ACC's Seniors 2023

For the past few years, I've had the honor of being hired as a freelance illustrator to capture the essence of 12ve graders from Academia Cristiana de Cayey. It's always a pleasure to do so. This year, I did everything in vector graphics, while on the past, I had done the head in vectors and the bodies by hand (although colored in Photoshop). Here's a few of them and the creative process behind it.

The School hired professional photographer, my friend Eli Samuel at Ely Santa Photography to take several pictures on several settings of each of the students. They later sent me some of the pictures, that I could draw them according to their likeness. I researched the student's hobbies, likes and passions, and looked for reference on those.

The first thing I drew was the head, using the photography as reference.

Then I continued with the body.

Finally, I drew the background, and I had each characterization of the student.

Here's some of the others I illustrated:


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