One More Collective

Logo design. Such pleasure! My good friend Zabdiel Matos asked me for a logo design for his production company a few weeks ago. I was so thrilled when my friend let his baby project in my hands, trusting I would create something that would communicate his idea for his business!

I jumped right in and doodled a little bit on my trusty sketchbook. 

After doodling for a while, I started designing using vectors, on top of my hand-drawn designs. Some of these logos were later presented to Zabdiel for his thoughts.

He felt a deep connection with this one (above) and so I moved to the next phase. Tinkering with it, until I had a final product.

After studying how the logo would work best, its minimum sizes, correct uses, and all of that, The Final product was presented and delivered. Zabdiel was pleased, which makes me very happy.

Can't wait to see what he does with this production company. He's a very talented and creative man. I'm sure he will soon blow us all away!


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