Puerta Mapa at Nuestra Escuela

So, my Circle (students) needed to create a Map for their History Class. We were given an old door so we could rescue it and use it. Since the way Nuestra Escuela works is by integrating classes I ended up helping in their History class project, by teaching them about art techniques, the theory of color, etc... on their class project.

After sanding it, I sported my painting mask (thank you asthma!) and covered the surface with aqua blue. Some of the girls pitched in to help. We laughed the whole time.

Some days later, we carried it to the nearby park to finish it.

I had the pleasure of sketching out the map's silouhette. 

And then they took care of things.

I did add some details. Yeah... *sigh* I couldn't help myself.

The door was ready. They were happy and I was proud of my kids. Love being their teacher/mentor.


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