The Lord's Hands

Psalm 63:8 (ESV)
"My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."

Last December,  thinking of the reason for the season, I came to the conviction that the Christmas presents my family would receive from me that year, would have to show the reason why we celebrate Christmas at all: Jesus.


The Invincible Kite

I'll be honest. It was the first time I attempted this. I had never constructed a kite from scratch. But, my students needed me to lead them on the the process of creating one... So... let's do it! I said.
Growing up, I used to fly kites with my dad all the time. I loved it. I even do it from time to time with my children, but never had I considered to build one. Fortunately I had seen many home-made kites before so I did have an idea on hoy to construct one.


Puerta Mapa at Nuestra Escuela

So, my Circle (students) needed to create a Map for their History Class. We were given an old door so we could rescue it and use it. Since the way Nuestra Escuela works is by integrating classes I ended up helping in their History class project, by teaching them about art techniques, the theory of color, etc... on their class project.