Gif animations. Not Flash!

Isn't it funny? A few years ago, we all thought gif animations would disappear. Flash movies and animations were popping up everywhere and designers soon forgot what they could do with sequential images in a small program called Image Ready. Remember that program? It lived inside Photoshop, like hidden in a corner. Soon everyone was doing flash sites, flash movies, animations, flash flavored muffins… everything!

But then Steve Jobs presented the iPhone and with it the mobile operating system that does not show flash movies. At all… Yep. We all came back to gifs.

Here's a few I've done over the past few months for Bremen Auto, a client of Jorge Blanco & Asociados. You can leave your thought below, at the comments section.


Email and Print Invitations

Every now and again, I get requests to design invitations for events and even just notes to say thanks. This is one of the less usual works I get. Being so, I get a chance to look around for inspiration and do research. Funny thing is that, this research, usually produces inspiration and material for other works I have in line waiting. Interesting how it all works out at the end, though.

All these were done for Jorge Blanco & Asociados, with my friend Ginny Piovanetti and/or Carlos Serrano.

Client: Bremen Auto - Bairoa, Caguas, PR

Client: Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas

Client: Felcon Group

Client: Olazábal

Client: Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas

You can leave your thoughts at the comments section below!


Logos and Concept Boards

Mundo Usados is a Series of Events for Selling Cars in Puerto Rico

Looking over a few old files I found a these logos and Concept Boards I have worked on over the most recent season. Creating logos (as creating illustrations and characters) is one of my passions. And I remember the enthusiasm with which I work on every detail of these logos. Loved it!

It's a shame that at the end, not all of them can be used. Can you imagine using all of them? Crazy thought. It would be impossible for brand recognition. But at least I can show them off here.

All of them were created for Jorge Blanco & Asociados. Collaborating with my dear friend:


Created for a possible event which was never done.

The selected logo, if memory serves, was the first of these.

This was a sale for Mayagüez Ford. It was never done. But illustrating it was a blast!

An event between Japanese Cars and Korean Models.

They Used this concept, but decided to use it with another character, which I later drew.

Used Cars Event Pitch.

Another Used Cars Event Pitch