Casi Cristianos by Joel Rodríguez Morales

These past few months have been amazing. This is one of those reasons. Working with Joel Rodríguez Morales on his first published book was a great pleasure.

It's a project in which I firmly believe and comes at the time it is most needed for Christians everywhere. So I was most eager to walk alongside my good friend on this endeavour.

First I presented Joel with several cover options. Here's some of them.

After some conversations, we came up with the final version of the cover (below).

Then I designed how the interior would look. Once approved, I went on to build the entire book on In Design.

Several back and forth sessions later, the book was finished! Joel went on to publish it through Amazon, and is now readily available to everyone who wishes to grow spiritually.

Go check it out! Click or touch [HERE].


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