The Toyota de Bayamón Trilogy

Back in July, I had the pleasure of working alongside the filming crew from Pro-Edit / JB&A, to shoot the first of three stories that were developed for the Toyota de Bayamón car dealership. I shot stills to make into "Panels" that told the story of that month's sale "Gerente Amarra'o" (Tied up Manager), which would go public on August 1st, 2019.

The photos were used for the panels (shown above), which told the story in a summarized way, for those clients that didn't' get to see the filmed commercial (click or touch HERE to view it). I also had the chance to be in one of those shots (above, top right)

Also, the photos were used or the pricing posts in Facebook. We had a lot of fun shooting that day and the employees over at Toyota de Bayamón also had a blast.

The second part of this Saga, came in September with "3 Locos Andan Sueltos" (3 Crazy Untied Guys). We went back and shot the commercial as well as many stills to compose the story, similar as we had done the previous month. To view the filmed commercial, go HERE. Here's the stills and price ads for Facebook.

The conclusion to this Trilogy came with "La Gran Batalla" (The Great Battle) in which management and employees competed against one another to give the best possible price to the clients. We repeated the formula with stills and price ads for Facebook. Here's the filmed commercial.

Not only did we have a blast working these campaigns, but at the end, the client received the expected sales and even beyond! Nothing like working with joy in what you love and handing in work that is just what the client needed.

My hat's off to my friends over at Pro-Edit and JB&A: Julio Hernández, Carlos Serrano, Damián Hernández, Miguel Blanco. They excel at their jobs. Always with great attitude and creativity. Also, my daughter helped as my assistant a few times, so I'm also very proud!

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