Eco-Venta for Toyota de Bayamón

Last month, I had the immense pleasure to post a campaign onto Toyota de Bayamón's Facebook Page, that was developed by yours truly. I had the privilege of working once more, as a freelance graphic designer/social media specialist, with my friends over at Jorge Blanco & Asociados, who manages the car dealership's account.

Unfortunately the campaign was short-lived. It didn't have the desired impact and so it was taken down. Sad, I know, but hey, I was thrilled those few days that it was up!

The above image was the original concept for this campaign, the revised logo (below) was created by my good friend Angel Lacomba.

Here are the campaign executions, so you can appreciate them.

This is the Cover Page for Facebook. It was designed so it worked for both mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

These four images were created as a whole, but to be placed individually. When you see them in Facebook, they look like a single post, but when clicked/tapped, it's actually four different pictures. Each with its own car and offer.

Finally, these, along with many others, where created to follow through with the campaign, showcasing the vehicles on sale and their features.

Well, What are your thoughts? I'm really pleased with how this campaign came out. Regardless it's short life-span.


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