Academia Cristiana de Cayey

Ah! such fun times! I got a call from my good friends over at Academia Cristiana de Cayey (Cayey's Christian Academy) to my great delight! They wanted to hire me to do an illustration of each of their High School graduates!

I asked them to provide pictures of the students and their likes (or dislikes) to which they complied. Immediately I went over to my computer and started constructing and designing their faces using Adobe Illustrator. 

This was the most arduous process of it all, but it gave me great pleasure to do so.

After all 11 student were drawn using the vectors program, I sent to the client for approval. They were ecstatic, as was I!

So then I went to my drawing pad to develop the rest of the scene! Using the previously given information about their likes and dislikes, I developed their "headless bodies" to incorporate what I had previously done in Illustrator. 

I sent that over for approval, and I was thrilled! They approved almost instantly!

The job was done! I had completed all 11 illustrations in record time. the client was most pleased and I've had my fun also.

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