N'Qurly's Logo

Ah! I love creating logos! Which is why I was pumped to receive a request for a new logo.
Carmen Escribano, is out creating a movement which will help and empower children, protecting them from bullying and treating them with respect and love. She explained her vision and I immediately wanted to walk alongside her on this project.

As any artist will tell you, one of the most amazing things to have is a client who trusts you enough to leave their dreams on your hands so you may create freely. This is exactly what happened with this project, which made my creative juices flow while the responsibility kept my feet firmly planted on the ground. So I prayed for wisdom. I needed it!

 I started off by creating a few hand-drawn sketches, which definitely helps me think and design.

After sketching, I started developing my vector designs. Exploring a few ideas I had for the brand.
Of these, I chose the top three I would use. I chose thinking of the usability the logo would have and the way it would come out on printed items. Not all were chosen.

Once sent to the client, she responded with great emotion. I had captured her vision, so I was well pleased. My prayers had been heard. She gave just three changes, one of which was to simplify the name, so we got rid of that "k"

And voilĂ . We had a winner! I developed two versions of this logo. One using cyan and the other using magenta (as seen in the featured photo, at the top of this post).

Lastly, after careful placing and experimenting with the logo, I developed the usage guide for my client. prepared all files and sent them to her. She was ever so grateful. Lovely to have her as a client.


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