MJC9's Future

Those who know me, understand my deep passion towards the time travel topic. Even though I consider it to be impossible, it captures my imagination and pushes me to think deeply of repercussions, paradoxes and the sort.. I just love it!

So when my good friend Zabdiel Matos spoke to me about developing a concept art for the next topic for my Church's Youth Group, titled: "Future: Character and Appearance" I replied: "That requires a DeLorean, Bro!" to which he said, "That would appeal to the pop culture, which would be great!" And with that, I went straight for my love for Back to the Future and created these pieces.

 The cover Photo shown at the top, was developed for the screens at church, for the coming up events.

I created a few Instagram sized posts for MJC9's account. This one above, works like a teaser of sorts.

This second one tells of the first time the topic will be touched upon in this series.
There are two other dates: April 12th and 26th.

And then there's this one, which gives the Bible verse on which this series will be grounded upon.

A Facebook Cover Photo for their page was also created...

And finally, this animated version of the concept for use in Screens during the "Futuro" series.

It's always a pleasure to create for Church events, especially when the topic allows for a little fun, like this one. What do you think? What would you have done for this Youth Group Series? Leave your comments below!

DeLorean photo by: Franck V, on unsplash.com.


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