Mi Deleite is now in Walmart

Some time ago, my friends over at Mi Deleite, spoke to me about the possibility of being sold in Walmart. At the time, I knew that this was a big accomplishment for a local business who operates from their small at home-facility in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. So I started brainstorming into what the message should be and how it should be delivered. This past week, the news came up; their product is already in two Walmart locations here in Puerto Rico: Caguas and Humacao.

Since I'm a one-man-band, I had to think of all the things I could do for any big idea that came up to me. After praying about it, I grabbed my camera, tripod and my boldness and went and shot the exterior of both Walmarts. I went in and recorded myself shopping around, and when my son got out of school, he recorded me getting a bag of the Gourmet Sofrito (he loved being my assistant). After a few hours of composing all of it together, a story was born, and here it is:

I've been part of a few workshops over the years, and they all point towards using videos rather than images! We all like to get an inside look on the process people go through to get things done. Knowing my own internet consumption and preferences and those of who I've spoken to about this, I am convinced that a story conveys the message better than a typical commercial.

Thank God for all the experience in editing I've been able to get, thanks to working with my most loved friends from Mantequilla. It has come so handy! We need to learn from all our adventures. School is always in!

So, what do you think?


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