Los Pasteles de Abuela

Last year (2017) María, a category five hurricane, visited us here in the Island of Puerto Rico.
Its winds brought great destruction, death and intense hardships for every process in life. Even the little things we are used to, were huge accomplishments to complete. We had no water, no power, no gas, food shortage, etc...

It was during that time that I finished the illustrations for this book I present to you today. It was one of those happy memories that the Hurricane brought to my house. For this I give a huge thanks to God, who kept us alive and sane, and thanks to Raquel Alamo who trusted me with the illustrations of her story.

Here's two of the Illustrations I created. The first one are the original inks, which I scanned and the other image is the final, colored illustration, for which I used Pixelmator to color.

And then, this following image was chosen to be the cover of the book, although originally we had chosen a different one. But it certainly communicates better the thought of Puerto Rican Christmas Traditions.

You can buy this book on: 


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