#CMDNE Mantequilla Episode 1 and 2

Last May, as we were trying to figure out how to complete my Circle's project in Nuestra Escuela, The Jolliest Circle in Nuestra Escuela (El Círculo más Divertido de Nuestra Escuela) came up with the idea of making short films about certain psychological issues that Puerto Ricans go through (specially now that Hurricane Maria passed through us).

After a few thinking sessions we came up with stories that could convey the ideas students brought to the table. And so we set out to shoot some scenes with cameras the school already had. The students directed most of the episodes, while I gave some recommendations here and there. I was able to use my photography knowledge to teach them about composition and imagery.

After we shot every scene, I was given the challenge of editing the episodes, something I had not done before. I remembered my multiple sessions watching guys in Viguié Films, Pro-Edit and such edit away commercials I worked for in my previous Advertising Agency work. After watching some tutorials and playing around with iMovie, I was able to complete the challenge.

We recorded sounds and voice-overs using my iPhone 5, The locations were those around Nuestra Escuela in Caguas, Puerto Rico, the students and I, were the actors, writers, camerapersons while I directed when needed and covered any needed work they could not do, because they were doing something else. So in short, everyone got the chance to try out every position there is with recording stories.

And so, here are the two episodes we finished. We started recording the third one, but some of the main characters graduated and so we were left with what we had.

Episode 1

Episode 2

You may follow Mantequilla on Youtube, there you will find these episodes and every other fun thing we've done. Enjoy!


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