A couple of years ago, I was teaching an English course to a group of skaters that really wanted to create their own clothing brand. So I began teaching them about logos and how to create an effective character, for they wanted a character of their own.

Misael, one of the students, came up with an idea. He couldn't draw, so he explained to me his concept, for which I developed what came to be their logo.

Afterwards, Joshua, Daniel, Xavier, Isa, Victor and the rest of the gang wanted a second design to do their second sticker series. The original logo had done very good on stickers and they wanted to see if a second one could top their original winnings. It did.

Later, one Sunday afternoon I was staring at the ceiling and envisioned the Coquí from the logo doing some crazy stunt with his skateboard, and so I drew it and prepared it for my friends. They loved it and immediately went and produced a third sticker, which is my favorite.

Bojekio, if you're wondering means "Cacique Viejo" Cacique is the term our Taino indians used to call their chief Taíno. So the concept is Old Chief. Old, not because these guys are old, because they're teenagers, but because every step they take they try and do it with as much wisdom as they can muster, and then discuss their ideas with people who've done similar things in the past, so they make the best decision possible.

I really admire these guys.

You can follow them on instagram as bojekiosk8.


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