Nuestra Escuela Caguas' Circles

Ever since October 2014, I've had the privilege to be working as an art/english teacher at
Nuestra Escuela in Caguas, Puerto Rico. The experience has been amazing. I've had the honor of meeting a lot of deeply committed teachers who pour out their hearts to kids everyday.

Working as a mentor and teacher has become one of the most treasured parts of my professional life ever since I joined Nuestra Escuela's team. Getting together with my group of students every day to talk about life and trying my best to be the best role model they can get is just plain awesome.

Besides my regular duties, I've had the opportunity to design several logos for the organisation. Most of them for my group and the rest of the groups (which we call Circles). As well as another for their recycling efforts.

The Guatíbiri Circle: My first logo aboard Nuestra Escuela. This logo was intentioned for a hand made stamp I made using foam trays normally used to sell meat and chicken in the supermarket. It worked beautifully.

Jóvenes Activistas: The only "Circle" logo with color. This logo was commissioned with specific instructions. Felt like I was back at the Ad Agency. It was fun. The students had designed it originally on a piece of paper using crayons. I improved upon it just a bit. Thinking about it now, maybe it shouldn't even be on MY portfolio...

La Familia: This Circle is a big family of students that with their unified work reach a common goal. They've even created a grant amongst themselves to pay for their studies, hence the teamwork shown in the logo.

Los Invencibles: This is my circle. They have an invencible attitude, so why not make the logo look like a superhero chest symbol. They loved it so much that we ordered t-shirts to put is in front. Just like a superhero. (See the picture on top)

Los Pitirres: The School's basketball Circle. Named after a puertorican bird "El Pitirre" these guys use sports to reach their star as a team. I Tried to convey this through the logo.

Salud: This Circle's main goal is to recycle, reuse and reduce. They do it by making wearable jewellery with recycled paper and aluminum. My friend Limarie leads these talented young adults.

SOL: This Circle's mentor, JR Morales wanted a sun for his group's logo. He also requested it to be round, for they were going to place it o some jar caps that were round. The Circle makes candles and sells them. It looks amazing on their recycled jars. Here's a look: 

Nuestra Urban Coop: The Agriculture Circle from Nuestra Escuela developed a Coop between themselves to sell the products they cultivate on the school's grounds. We had meetings and even a focus group until finally we came up with this final version of the logo. They were really pleased with the outcome. So was I.

Teatro: This Circle is full of talented comedians, I must say. Alex and Miguel make everyone laugh. Haydée, the Circle's mentor inspires me with the way she builds these kids up. They're just amazing, and so I tried to make the logo as amazing as they are.

Finally, the recycle logo: Since the school is all about Circles, I used one for the cycle icon. This logo is being printed in white over a transparent adhesive surface to be placed on trash cans all around the school. I am most pleased with how this one came out.


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