Logos and Concept Boards

Mundo Usados is a Series of Events for Selling Cars in Puerto Rico

Looking over a few old files I found a these logos and Concept Boards I have worked on over the most recent season. Creating logos (as creating illustrations and characters) is one of my passions. And I remember the enthusiasm with which I work on every detail of these logos. Loved it!

It's a shame that at the end, not all of them can be used. Can you imagine using all of them? Crazy thought. It would be impossible for brand recognition. But at least I can show them off here.

All of them were created for Jorge Blanco & Asociados. Collaborating with my dear friend:


Created for a possible event which was never done.

The selected logo, if memory serves, was the first of these.

This was a sale for Mayag├╝ez Ford. It was never done. But illustrating it was a blast!

An event between Japanese Cars and Korean Models.

They Used this concept, but decided to use it with another character, which I later drew.

Used Cars Event Pitch.

Another Used Cars Event Pitch


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