Creative Forum on Pura Vida Nights

Every friday night, my good friend ElySanta produces events on Pura Vida Books, a Library located on Santa María Shopping Center on Guaynabo City, Puerto Rico. Tomorrow's event, however is unique. Why? I'll be a part of it! That's why!

We'll be talking about the creative process behind what diverse individuals such as myself do, before they have a finished work. There is no script. We will be answering questions and explaining how we do what we do.

The Forum will be composed of:

• Josué Mercado
• Daniel Marín
• Caleb oquendo
• ElySanta
• Rick Lipsett (me)
• Luis Ernesto

Plus there will be live music by and the mixes of DJ True One.

Anyways, you are invited to join us tomorrow. The event is from 7pm to 10pm and is at no entry fee. See you there!

Here's the map:

View Pura Vida Books in a larger map


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