#Calendart2013 Interview on WKAQ580am

Last Saturday I had the priviledge of being interviewed for La Alianza para un Puerto Rico Sin Drogas' Radio Talk Show "Punto Positivo". This program is aired every other week with the purpose of providing a positive outlook on our society's drug problem. This time, they dedicated the show to one of La Alianza's proyects: Calendart 2013.

On Melissa Fronteras' section: "GeneraciĆ³n SD", I was able to talk about the process behind the piece I did for Calendart 2013: "Burning Trinity". I had the opportunity of sharing how this piece changed the way I approach the creation of a piece. The interview is in spanish. If you wish to buy the art piece, you can head on over to the gallery on calendartpr.com.

The interview was aired on WKAQ580am's frequency. If you missed it, here's your chance to catch up. God Bless.


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