Burning Trinity

When I heard the topic for this year's Calendart, I knew I had something to say. I was most exited to be back again amongst all the talented artists the Alliance for a Puerto Rico without Drugs had mustered. And "Hope for Peace" was the perfect theme.

Being a Christian myself, I know the Man, where all the Hope and Peace comes from. I only had to device a way to tell my story. To tell the world, that the solution to our problems lay in coming to Christ. Hope and Peace is what He freely gives. All we need to do is accept him as our only God and Savior.

I prayed and spoke to God about what He wanted me to portray. This was a first for me. I had many symbols I could work with and after sketching about five or six different pieces, the symbols found me. I wonder why I had not done it this way before. I consulted the Man before I began and suddenly, God gave me my inspiration.

It is clear to me that what the World needs, is more believers in Jesus. People who have been born again and have the Holy Spirit Dwelling within. Persons who become Childlike again. Walking a new life from the Cross that has saved them, and towards the World to spread the burning fire that Our Triune God has left in our hearts. People who posses the ability to listen and internalize what they experience. People whose open heart helps and comforts others. A race of people that loves God with all their hearts, all their minds and all their souls. That is The Burning Trinity.

I'd like to thank God for giving me the chance to be called upon by my friends from "Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas" to be a part of Calendart 2013. My thanks to Roxanna, Melissa and Raquel who thought of me for this year's Calendart project. And thanks to my family who supported and encouraged me all the way.

The works collected for this project are being auctioned at their website: http://calendartpr.com. And will be available until november 15th, 2012 where the physical auction will take place. So, if you're reading this and the date has not come by, skip on over to  http://calendartpr.com and make your offer!

Here's the process behing my finished piece.

Mixing the base color for the background

It all begins at the Cross. Even the painting.

After sketching the silouhettes I needed, I proceeded to paint with the base color.

A little red, goes a looong way.

Detail of the burning window.

Burning Hearts detail

Representing Heaven. Painting or drawing clouds are always a lot of fun.

Alm,ost there. The black sure gives depth to the piece.



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