Photo Manipulation

Going over the various type of works shown here on, we've noticed that nothing has been uploaded as a Photo Manipulation yet.

Immediatly we came to the conclusion that it must also be a part of our site, since is something we do often. So from now on we'll be uploading more and more of those Photoshop Miracles we sometimes perform.

For this first post, we present you an image we produced some months ago to pitch a campaing idea that, even though, the final product was nothing like what we proposed, it was a good exercise for our Photoshop skills.

foto_montage sample

For this montage, we used separate photos of:
• The RAM truck
• The Background from Dreamstime (Stock Photo)
• Metal hook

The extra smoke, the cracks in the floor and the huge #1 were illustrated.

For the next article on this topic, we'll search fo see if we can find one of those model retouches we've done in the past.


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