Art Nights @ La Respuesta: The Exhibition

This next thursday, november 11th, 2010, will be the closing season of Art Nights @ La Respuesta. This series of events that have been going on since early september, and of which I have been a part of, twice will conclude with this Art Show, showing every piece made throughout this time.

The participating artists will be:
Alexis Díaz, Juan Fernández, Joe León, Iván Girona, Edgardo Laguerri, Roberto Biaggi, Beto torrens, Alexander Rosado, Richard Santiago, Juan Papito López, Angélica Rosa, Juan Salgado, Aby Ruiz, David Zayas, Monchi Rodríguez, María De Azua, Rick Lipsett, Cacheila, Mero, Angel Flores, Roberto Hernández, Gemelo Ramos, Bayoan Cortez, La Ele, Nikos Flores, Antonio Folch, Fernando Mora, Admin torres, Acty-2, Son, Spear y Nepo.

The artists which are in bold, are part of UNDOdigital (I'm one of them).  This should be enough to make you want to go.

Here's the map:

View La Respuesta in a larger map

Remember that on the 15th of this month, UNDOdigital will have its 4th Art Show. So I'll be expecting you there as well. 


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