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These animations of yesteryear have had a major comeback in my recent advertising work. This very basic Storytelling format has allowed me to create retail ads that populate sites such as and Although the industry is aiming more towards Flash, CSS or HTML5 nowadays, I use them because they provide movement and can be viewed in a mobile device, such as an iPhone (very popular with the masses) without having to learn a whole new program or technique. Nothing wrong with learning, but sometimes (a lot of times) we just don't have the time.

So without further talk, I leave you with some of the most recent gif animations I've done. Enjoy and comment.


Pro-Edit - This is a banner created to be the company's Website header.


Scotiabank - One of many created. This is for their bi-monthly event "AutoMaratón"


Scotiabank - Another banner for their bi-monthly event "AutoMaratón"


Suzuki Motorcycles - Done as an ad to be situated on a Suzuki (web) property


Universal - Another ad for a Suzuki (web) property


Suzuki SX4 - Features Parade (it plays only once, so you might have to reload the page to re-view it) to show the vehicles assets


Suzuki - This "morphing" characteristic makes it memorable (at least for me)


Scotiabank - This was done for presentation purposes, to show off an idea for TV closings.


Raul Colon said…
Oye por mas que son Animated Gif's .. Se ven mil veces mejor que los que yo usaba en los 90's..

Recuerdo que mi website personal en un momento tenia fuego y un tigere brincaba por una argolla de fuego era mas estilo atari.. LOL
Rick Lipsett said…
Hay que crear con lo que hay. No he tenido el tiempo de ponerme a aprender Flash, así que cuando se necesita una animación, las haga lo más vistosas posibles usando lo que ya conozco.

¡Gracias por leer y comentar!

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