Lending a Helping Hand

A good friend of mine and my family's, has a Newborn nephew which was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks back. Their medical insurance will not cover for all the expenses to come. Yamil Colón, needs a bone marrow transplant. His twin sister Camila, died of this condition when no one suspected what was going on.

UNDOdigital, the Digital Artists collective which I helped create, has put up a few art pieces on their site to sell and somehow help Yamil's Family. I gave a few of my works to be sold. If you can spare the time, I urge you to visit them and buy one of the amazing works from a range of different artists from the collective.

The t-shirt accompanying this post was designed by us, to help them get some donations. They are selling for $15. If you want to get one, write us at: rick@ricklipsett.com. Be sure to include your size.

You can also deposit your contribution directly to Yamil Colón Mercado's bank account (Banco Popular de Puerto Rico) #707-233-52-6.


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