Suzuki's First "Buy Back Mundial"

After the Huge success their original BuyBack was, Suzuki decided to offer those same benefits to every make out there, not just Suzuki owners. They needed a new website that expressed the "global" theme., while keeping the registry friendly enough so that car owners could register to have their car bought by Suzuki (no matter the Brand) and at the same time, entering a raffle for some cool prizes.

I had the opportunity to Team up with two friends to work on this project. I had a blast!

Agency: Jorge Blanco & Asociados
Concept: Jorge Blanco / Timothy Vélez
Dynamics and logistics: Jorge Blanco
Copywriter: Ginny Piovanetti
Art Direction / Designs: Tannya Burgos / Rick Lipsett
Programing: Rick Lipsett

Check out the live version, by visiting http://buybackmundial.com. What do you think?

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