New Year's Resolution

A few weeks before 2011 ended, I found myself working on several designs that would become the look for many clients on 2012. Some saw the light of day and quickly got approved. Some were shown to the client and suffered a sudden death, while others never left the office. These are one of the latter.

The idea behind the design was to show our clients what they should list as one of the resolutions for the (then) upcoming New Year.

I felt the idea was strong and an eye stopper for anyone breezing through the newspaper. At the end, the idea was shot down internally because of the name. Apparently there's a dealership that has a similar name (as the campaign). Who knows, maybe in the future we'll get to use it with a different name.

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Agency: Jorge Blanco & Asociados
Client: Cabrera
Concept, copy and Design: Rick Lipsett

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