Running Social Media efforts for @SanJuanSuzuki

It's been a little hectic, I admit it. Yet I'm proud to say that I officially run every Social Media effort for San Juan Suzuki. Well, not me entirely, see my good friend Ginny, is my counterpart in this venture. we do this for the Advertising Agency we work for: Jorge Blanco & Asociados. It's the first time we do it for someone/something other than our personal projects, and so far, oh-so-very good!

San Juan Suzuki, needed to enter the digital realm. A few months ago, we helped them with their website. A very BIG first step. Later we started talking about social media and showing them why, it would be beneficial for them to step into it. After many meetings and case studies later, we did it.
We began by administrating their Facebook Page, which had forty something likes. We created a landing Page for Facebook, and a tab that serves as their own mini Site on Facebook.

Later, we opened up a Twitter account, and dressed it up with their image. The same thing was done in YouTube. After following the first of many key people. we started Talking and engaging our new Social Media Friends.

A month later (today) we have increased the Facebook Page's likes to 1,429 and 71 Twitter followers. We have come across a few Ambassadors and also the occasional troubled client. We've been able to navigate our efforts with great results, and that fills us up with joy.

It's been a pleasure to work with Enrique Ortiz, of San Juan Suzuki and to steer his business front on the various Social Media stations we've set out. It is a very demanding job, that brings great pleasures in knowing you are making friends for the company which we are representing. We look forward to keep on working with San Juan Suzuki, and to see what the future brings on this new frontier.

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