When my pal, Raúl Colón told me he wanted to start a parenting blog, I had no clue of the scope he had in mind for this project. Without hesitation I pledged my allegiance, and later found out he had world domination on his mind! Just kidding, although it was a much bigger project than what I had in mind. Nevertheless, my spirits were high and I jumped right in with great expectations.

For the logo and site, we wanted to do something Bold, catchy, inspiring and fun. After a few talks on how children view their parents, we knew we had no choice. I grinned from one side of my face to the other and said "super heroes" Raúl cracked up, for he had thought of the same thing.


 Website Design (Programing was done by Raúl Colón):



I've had lots of fun designing every piece for this site, and I know, I've only scratched the surface. Besides designing, I'm also a writer there and the resident cartoonist. So you could say I've got a lot of work. True. And loving every minute of it. Go check us out at: PapaHeroes.com.

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