A Night of Painting

Yesterday evening, I had the pleasure of being part of a group painting at La Respuesta. It was nothing as I'd expected, and must admit I had a blast. Like everything in this life, there were some things I would've done without, but nevertheless it was great. My deepest thanks to Celso González for inviting me to be a part of these Art Nights. It has been a real pleasure.

Next week (thursday, November 11th, 2010) all the art pieces collecte throughout these Art Nights will be put up for Exhibition. So if you have plans, for that day, I'm afraid you'll have to cancel them and go to see this enormous display of talent.

Here are some pictures from yesterday for your viewing pleasure. Take a guess and see if you can spot my part of the work... answer at the end.

If you guessed mine was the three headed monster, you were correct!

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