Art Nights @ La Respuesta: Updated!

Last Month, our friend Celso González started the weekly live painting performance shows at "La Respuesta". An event he simply called: "Art Nights" A few of our closest colleagues got a chance to performe live, and this coming Thursday, October 14th October 21st, 2010, it's Rick Lipsett chance.

We cordially invite all of you to attend and have a great time while watching Rick, Cacheila, Mero and Angel López Mangual paint Live at La Respuesta.

La Respuesta has become one of the leading independent art Platforms in Old Santurce. Along with Clandestino 787 Studios, Executive Manolo, and others have brought back the Art Scene to Santurce.

To read an article explaining how the have jumpstarted the art scene in Puerto Rico's Metro area, jump over to DaWire they wrote a great article about it a while back.

Here's the map, so you don't get lost.

View La Respuesta in a larger map

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