A Complete Web Experience

Recently, we were approached by our friends from Pro-Edit to design and program their new site. The catch was that they needed a mobile version as well. The latter part was something entirely new to us. I must say, we succeded. This plus Twitter integration, was really the icing on the cake.

We've been encouraging this sort of integration for a while now, and even though it's more work, the public gets to know the brand better and has a chance to engage comunication with it.

Our team was entrusted with building the brand via Twitter. You can imagine how happy we were/are with the opportunity.

Client: Pro_Edit
Written Content: Ginelie Piovanetti
Design / Programing: Rick Lipsett

A screenshot of the site's main page.

A screenshot of the site's mobile version.

A screenshot of Pro-Edit's Twitter Page

We really, loved working with our friends from Pro-Edit on this project. Challenges are always fun to figure out. We hope they get all the success they deserve.

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