Aircon and Daikin's Character: "DK"

We at Rick Lipsett Designs love to employ new ideas when creating something that will give a company's image, brand new life. So when we were employed to create "DK" we were thrilled to be part of this project. Especially since we were asked to stretch out illustration muscles. Something we adore!

After just a few sketches, we agreed on an image that the character had to represent.

That is when "DK" was born.

Afterwards, we knew that the character lacked a technological device. So we went ahead and created such a device, using an iPhone-like device, we called DK1000.

The process was done and DK was created. We made a few poses so he may be placed in every ad, art piece or media created for Air-Con or Daikin and we were set.

DK & DK1000 are ©2010 Air-Con/Daikin, Puerto Rico. All Rights reserved.

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