Sobre Salud #1

It is the year 1995. The teenager Rick Lipsett entrusted his pencils and papers to carry him through those boring school vacation weeks in his hometown of Ponce, Puerto Rico. His friends constantly teased poor Rick, for they were always playing outside, while he remained behind closed doors, on his room creating stories about Super Heroes. Stories inspired by the numerous Comic Books that he collected. His audience being his overly proud parents and some close friends.

Photo: Some of the covers from Rick Lipsett's teenage years' comics

Graduation Day
came years later, and our Hero thought of only one thing that he wanted to do in his career. Draw Comics. In college, he learned much about art. He also met the Advertising World and took a tangent road away from his former dream.

12 years later, a humble freelance job, promised to revive his long lost dream. Comics entered his life once more. And here is the end product.

Title: Sobre Salud #1
Story: Rosa Pérez M.D / Ginelie Piovanetti
Penciller / Inker: Luis Samuel Ramos
Colorist / Letterer: Rick Lipsett

Cover art for Sobre Salud #1

The experience lived through this project reminded, our Hero that a strong hold on his roots pays off somewhere in the future. A future that promises more stories to create and so, fulfill his destiny.

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