The Right Campaign for CRIM

When we were approached to create a new campaign for Puerto Rico's "CRIM" we stepped up to plate and a loud CRACK was heard. It was the sound of the bat breaking with yet another Home-Run.

As with most agency work, the campaign suffered heavy losses but a version of it made it to the presentation date. We were happy.

Creative Direction: Howard Serrano
Art Direction: Rick Lipsett
Copywriter: Ginelie Piovanetti

Headline: "With your help, we complete the work"
These three concepts were taken down due to the possibility of people understanding that CRIM leaves the projects they begin, half through.

Headline: "We make their dreams a reality"
After that we decided, then, to show the structure they've given us, but with a drawing of some kids on top, portraying the same place. So these children wanted/needed a building to grow as individuals and it was given to them. These ones were left as a second alternative to the selected. The client thought it lacked seriousness.

Headline: "With your contribution, many dreams become a reality"
This was the alternative, the client was most happy with. The only change requested was that the Architect's plans souldn't be ripped. It gave a negative attitude.

After some tinkering, we came up with the "rolled" look. Success!

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