Alianza para un Puerto Rico Sin Drogas

A few years back, I was lucky enough to participate in the creation of a campaign for the Puerto Rican Anti-Drug Allegiance (Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas ). On that occasion, they used Pop/Reaguetón Singer Tito el Bambino as this Campaign's Spokesperson.

It was asked of me that I portray the style of the music, Tito sings (singed), with the message we wanted to get across. This is the Design I envisioned.(Below)

As with most Agency work, the design was not picked for several reasons and I had to do a simpler one, which featured a graffitti done for this campaign's TV ad. This is the approved Print Ad. (Below)

It's always a pleasure to do work for a worthy cause and this time was no exception. After all, the important thing was that the message was accepted by our target. Everybody wins.

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