Motorcycle Love

Like most Agency Work, Designs are thrown on the table as explorations. Most of the work designed is never used. Such is the case with these Suzuki Motorcycles concepts. They were part of the 2009 presentation. I thought I'd make them available to you here. After all, they are all great designs with powerful concepts as their under-painting and it would be a shame not to help them see the light of day.


Client: Suzuki Motorcycles
Art Direction / Designs: Rick Lipsett
Copywriter: Ginelie Piovanetti

"The Street is Calling"
We wanted to convey the idea
that once you Own a Suzuki Motorcycle,
that is the ONLY thing on your mind.

"All you see is Street"
Here we did the same concept
but focusing not in what you feel,
instead on what you see.

"Group Therapy"
In this concept, the Motorcycle functions
as an Escape Valvue. What you look forward to
after a work week from hell.

"Get on today and forever hold your peace"
This piece was intended to portray
the Motorcycle as a part of your life / family.
The concept conveyed the durability
that the motorcycle offers.

"Tribute to the Street"
This one was to become a campaign
driven by Suzuki Motorcycles users
who send us their photos of the event
to which they go to in their Motorcycles,
for the chance of appearing in our ads.


Definitely a shame these concepts were never published, but we at Rick Lipsett Designs know that sometimes a "Show of Force" in a presentation is worth more for the agency than having the client approve every concept. We certainly blew them away with everything we brought to the presentation. Even if most of our babies were never chosen, the client was happy, and therefore, so were we.


Anonymous said...

Jaja, el primero, la Suzuki en la barra se ve bien original, jaja Saludos!

Rick said...

Habían muchas otras ejecuciones. Algunas se montaron, otras no.
•Hombre en Starbucks montado en motora
• Lavándose los dientes
• Viendo TV

Era una idea genial, que hubiese sido un éxito.

¡Gracias por comentar!