Stock Illustrations Rules

Over the years, I've done many illustrations that could be used for many purposes, such as advertising campaigns, occasional cards, among others. This collection of artwork could help many struggling clients that need a unique illustration but don't have an Illustrator handy or maybe they just want to congratulate their niece on her graduation, who knows?

The point to all this is that starting now, I will offer the opportunity to use these illustrations as sort of a "stock service". I will sell them in these different categories:

• Full purchase - You buy the pre-made illustration in full and take it home with you. Simple. All rights are given upon payment.
• One Year, Full Rights - You pay for unlimited use of the image for one year. After that period is over, the image will be available once more for purchase by any other person. More time can be arranged for an additional cost.
• First Reproduction Rights - If you plan on using the illustration for a magazine/newspaper/blog article, this is the option. By getting the First reproduction rights you can print, publish or do whatever with the image, but only ONCE.
The illustrations will be sold "as is", no changes will be done. There will be no shipping charges on any of the options. The Illustrations will be delivered via email. A contract, specifying the order request will be made on each case. The client has to sign in order to complete purchase. Payment can be made through Paypal using the button provided after each illustration. Illustrations sizes vary. Each will have their specifications written. Any and all inquiries should be addressed to this email.

To download a PDF of these rules go HERE. I have created a label called: Stock Illustrations, where all illustrations in this category will be archived. Keep coming back after a while. More will come.

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