Calendart Piece "Empieza en Octubre"

This past week (September 14-18, 2009) was Calendart. On Thursday, september 17th, I painted live at Plaza Las Américas. That was the second time I've ever worked in front of an audience. Have to say that I liked it. The immediate feedback from the people dropping by was the highlight of the event. Even when some of them sort f stalked me, felt nice. The whole week was crazy. I've been doing lots of freelancing (GOOD!) and had barely enough time to finish the piece for this important event, but have finally done so.

So here it is. The process behind "Empieza en Octubre" (Start on October). My piece for Calendart.

This was the first stage.. Painted the canvas pink first and later added the navy blue bar.

Once on Plaza las Américas, I started painting my "character". It was based on my daughter so I had plenty of inspiration. specially when she dropped by to encourage me and she said: "Daddy, is that me?"

Three hours weren't enough to finish the piece. But I was happy with the result.

Once home, I added the silouhettes, and green bar. Also worked a bit more on the character's teeth and corrected some shadows. Once dry, I covered it with glaze and celebrated my first hand painted work in a few years.

I must say, that even though this project got me out of my comfort zone (being Digital Art), It brought me good memories and the assurance that I can still do this. Who knows, maybe now I'll do a few more "manual pieces".

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