Calendart for Alianza para un Puerto Rico sin Drogas

The "Alianza para un Puerto Rico Sin Drogas" has created an event called Calendart in which twelve Puerto Rican artists from the advertising industry were invited to donate their time and talents in creating am Art Piece. This work will be given to the "Alianza" so that they may auction it and generate an income used in their efforts across our Island to prevent the use of narcotics.

I was lucky enough to be selected as part of the group of artists, as well as co-UNDOer, Edna Lucila Vélez

As part of the event, The artists will do a "Live Painting" session on Puerto Rico's Plaza las Americas (http://www.plazalasamericas.net/) (Our biggest and best known mall, located in Hato Rey). On Thursday, September 17th, 2009 (from 5pm to 8pm), I'll be located in the Central Atrium of mentioned Mall painting live.

If you're interested in knowing more about the event, join UNDOdigital's Facebook Group. There you will see the event and be able to keep up to date. You may check regularly on www.undodigital.com as well as on Twitter @UNDOdigital. The Alianza's web site is: www.alianzaprsindrogas.org, and to contact them click [here].

These are the participating artists:
Alex Aguilera, Bernardo Medina Colón, Carlos Dávila Rinaldi, Edna Vélez, Héctor López, Jorge Blanco Plard, Juan González, Melissa Frontera, Radamés Rosado, Rick Lipsett, Roberto Acevedo y Rubén Vargas


Anonymous said...

Hola Rick y Edna:

Les pregunto, ¿qué requisitos hay de pertencer a UNDO?

Si existe cabida para otro artista me honraría de colaborar.


PD: Felicidades papá (y claro, a la mujer y a la criatura).

: )

Rick said...

Rada, envíanos algunas piezas digitales tuyas a: undodigital@gmail.com. Nosotros nos sentamos y te decimos...

Gracias por el interés. Una colaboración sería buena.

El bebé está riquísimo. Me quedaría observándolo y besándolo todo el día.