Logo Process

I just LOVE making logos, what can I say? Something about creating the Identity of a company, service, etc... clicks with me. The whole process of sketching, tweaking, and fine tuning an idea until it's perfect drives me as a freelancer.

I've worked on lots of logos on my trajectory. Most for Agencies and others for my own clientele. I've been thinking of doing this post for a while now, and finally got to it. I want you to get a chance at seeing the timeline of a Logo by means of seeing it's design ancestors (as it may). These are the steps I took in getting that final piece. All these were clients I worked by myself. Not through an Agency.

First: Xaact.biz. They're an internet accounting department for any company out there who wants to outsource their accounting. This logo was done a few years back (2007) and won me an American Graphic Design Award.

As you see here, the Hero of the Logo was supposed to be the "X" from the get go. It went through several stages to reach perfection. The colors were for position only. The client and I were having backstage discussions on what the colors should communicate. So I merely did the designs with colors that stood apart from each other to get the contrast.
After we were set on the right "X", it was time to give it the colors we had already agreed upon. And that's what we came up with.

Second: Arts Journeys. They're also an Internet Company (so far) that works to get people to know artists all over the World for their art as well as for their respective countries. This one also earned me a Graphic Design Award on 2008.
The focal point on this one had to say: "all over the world" So we started working on different types of Globes representing the World as well as movement (except the arrows version). After we were really pumped up on these, we realized that our focus, although it had to be "Travel around the World" could not hint at a travel service, since that's not what they are (hence the arrow option).
Once we figured we needed to convey art/movement/travel, I thought of making the inside of a Globe (which represents the Earth) look something like an abstract painting. Those same lines gave the illusion of movement, so we were set. The only thing left was the typography, which after extensive research on both our parts, the Client and I agreed upon "Christopher Hand" and that was that.

Third: Polynektar Studios. This is a new-born company (May 2009) from my UNDO friend and colleague Joseph K. Garrahan. The website isn't even finished yet, so that's really new.

JoJo and I wanted the logo to represent the angle in which we were going to offer our freelancing services: ART. We did extensive research and doodles until we came up on a few designs. I presented the top ones to JoJo, only to get rejected. It was OK, after all, that's what we wanted, to adventure ourselves into our logo. That's were the "splats" came in. The "nektar" part of the name came from blends, juices, fruit, etc... so a splat of juice was in order.
Once we had the winning design, we realized that, although we were happy with it, it still needed something. So I came up whit the Bitmap splat. It's see-thru so it "blends" with whatever you put it on top of. Perfect.

As i said earlier, this process is what really makes it for me as a designer. This is what I look forward to when approaching an Identity Project.

Hope you enjoyed this step by step post. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to write them to rick@ricklipsett.com. Thanks!

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