Pulguero de Artistas 2009

It was a long and tiresome day, full of encounters with hungry people. Hunger that only Art could satisfy. These same individuals, were in the lookout for art that would speak to them in a personal leve, and that's exactly what they got in this event.

I was impressed with how many people approached my provided space urging me to give them my imput on social events and my take on political views. Guess my previous digital art work, paid off. Some were intrigued about the medium (Digital Art) Some expressed their concerns about how Digital Art can be reprinted, loosing the buyer's monetary value on a piece. Some just wondered how such images could be done on a computer.

All in all (I didn't get to sell anything) I am VERY pleased with the feedback I got on saturday. Got to meet lots of people interested in my views and my style, which was very overwhealming.

Thank you Lisa Ladner from www.el-status.com for the opportunity to be a part of this event.

Here are some pics.

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