Other Work

Divide and Conquer
This Trexi was designed for a Exhibition called "The Lab" Which opened on Thursday, Sept 6th, 2007 at BlackBoxArt Foundation (Old San Juan, Puerto Rico). The Concept touches how my nation is divided into groups and never agree as a country for the benefit of all. Instead we are divided and undecided. The cement on the figure's feet represent our dilemma… more cement than grass and trees on our island.

Foreshadowing the Past
This painting represents a younger me looking to the horizon (himself on a mirror as an adult) thinking of what he wishes to become: an Adult, and face the world, at the same time, that reflection is looking to the horizon (himself on a mirror as a child) thinking of his past. Remembering how different and simple things were, longing to be a child again.

Rosellito the MF
This Munny was designed inspired on my digital art pieces ("Nos llevan Puesto"). This one portrays a former governor of Puerto Rico with his own little meat jacket, ready to control, wreck havoc and consume the country's resources.

Snow Cone
This Munny, represents me, working in advertising with the AC on high. Freezing off while cracking my teeth with the intense cold. What can I say, The office's air conditioning is good.

Mixed Media on Canvas. Finished on July 2007

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