Cabrera Dealer Van Designs

Cabrera Dealer Signs
These, among others, were done to cover the colums of the Dealer in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

This was done for a Image Campaign for Cabrera Auto in Arecibo, PR.

La Carretera Te Llama
One of the first ads for Suzuki Motorcycles I did back in January 2007. It was later approved and printed a few times over the year in different Puertorrican magazines.
The tag line reads: The Road is calling you

DonQ Cristal
This design was done for a few P.O.P. pieces (Banners, Posters and Table Tents) to promote
DonQ Cristal.

This is one of those concepts were you put a little of your soul, and unfortunately you fall in love with the result. A shame it wasn't done, I saw a lot of possibilities. TV, print, etc… The final, would've been drawn either by me or some other freelancer. But for conceptual purposes I used the art of Boris Vallejo to convey my idea.

Concept: The women are not interested In him at all, only when he says "I shall proceed to open the bottle" (Cue from He-Man "By the Power of Grayskull") do the women take notice and start showing irrational behavior towards the lucky dude. Even the lady from the bottom right ignores him and tries to grab the product shot down at the right corner.

Detrás De
This concept wast thought by my then Creative Director, made reality by yours truly. The Idea was, "Behind Every Ford [you buy] there is Cabrera" (Cabrera is a Car Dealer from Arecibo, Puerto Rico).

Grand Vitara 4 cylinders
This was a Campaign pitch. It conveyed how a New Suzuki Grand Vitara 4 cylinders consumes less gasoline with a tag line saying: "Take your mind out of the gasoline".

New Business pitch. Tag line: "Wow."

Bremen-What More Do You Want
New Business pitch. Tag line: "What more do you want?"

Bremen-Inhale, Exhale
New Business pitch. Tag line: "Inhale, Exhale"

Bremen-Always wanted to Fly?
New Business pitch. Tag line: "Always wanted to Fly?"

Suzuki Motorcycles-Her or Me
"Her or Me" was a campaign for Suzuki Motorcycles made to appeal to the love
one develops towards a Suzuki Motorcycle.

Suzuki Motorcycles-Looking is Inevitable
"Looking is Inevitable" was a campaign for Suzuki Motorcycles made to appeal to the desire one shows when encountering a Suzuki Motorcycle.

Suzuki Motorcycles-Dale Casco
"Do your head a favor, and also your family's" was a concept from my former
Creative Director's mind which I made into reality for a Conscious Campaign from
Suzuki Motorcycles' "Dale Casco"

Radisson Ambassador Plaza-Never a Dull Moment
Done to advertise the feeling one gets while at the Ambassador's Casino.

Pepe Abad-Mímalo
This design looks to touch the women who love their cars as if they were their babies.

UNDO: Creadores en un Mundo Digital-Dreams & Nightmares
Welcome Banner for my Digital Artists Collective's second Exhibition.

Medalla-Yours is Better
Advertising Puerto Rico's local Beer

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